Olympus Rising

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Mount Olympus is at war


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Olympus Rising is an action game where you play legendary heroes who face the wrath of the gods and monsters from Greek mythology, including hydras, minotaurs, and other incredible beings.

In Olympus Rising you play a hero who can move freely around the game setting. At the bottom left corner of the screen are buttons to call up soldiers for battle support, and at the bottom right buttons you can use to activate devastating special abilities.

Between missions, you can manage your city by building different types of buildings. These in turn let you collect resources and recruit new types of soldiers. While you can only recruit lancers at first, you'll soon find archers and elite troops.

Olympus Rising is an action game with well-developed mechanics, a fun gameplay and spectacular graphics. In fact, its graphics are so good that you may experience a bit of lag unless you have quite a powerful Android.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher